The University of Western Australia Students' Unit Reflective Feedback
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About the SURF survey

Students’ Unit Reflective Feedback (SURF) is a survey instrument developed at UWA in 2004 for student evaluation of their units. SURF results provide feedback to the University on students’ educational experiences and promote systemic responsiveness to this feedback. The 6-item questionnaire asks students to express disagreement/agreement on a 4-point scale with the following statements:

Q1. It was clear what I was expected to learn in this unit.
Q2. The assessment requirements were clearly stated.
Q3. The assessment tasks were closely linked to the unit objectives.
Q4. The unit was well organised.
Q5. The learning resources (handouts, text, web resources, etc) were adequate for my study in the unit.
Q6. Overall, this unit was a good educational experience.

The SURF survey is designed to be administered towards the end of a unit. It relates only to the unit and does not seek feedback on an individual’s teaching. "SURF is used to evaluate all units in the University, except those with special circumstances, e.g., research units, bridging units, units taught with other institutions, Exchange units, and any units which the Head of School feels are more appropriately evaluated by other means.

SURF is currently undergoing some changes. Surveys are to be administered via the Blackboard Learning Management System going forward and units are being gradually transitioned across. If you have received an email about completing SURF within the LMS you must log in and browse to the relevant unit. See the SURF FAQ for further details.

UWA Staff and Students can access SURF results and a new Students' Unit Reflective Feedback Reporting (SURFR) site will soon be available. Unit results are reported at the end of each teaching period and aggregated results for the relevant school, faculty and the University are compiled at the end of the 6-month reporting period, in January and July.